Deep Diving with Crystal

Deep Diving with Crystal

There’s a Whole World to Explore Beneath the Surface

Some experiences seem magical, transporting you to a place far outside your daily routine, or any facet of “normal” life. Such experiences exist deep beneath the sea – up to roughly 1,000 feet deep, specifically – where few typically venture without a bevy of breathing apparatuses and some serious swimming skills. This is where colors transcend the rainbow and life takes on fascinating shapes and forms. For those averse to carrying heavy scuba gear, somewhat lacking in deep-sea swimming prowess, or simply wanting to wrap themselves completely in this ethereal world, we suggest Crystal’s own private submersible, available on Crystal Esprit and designed to take two guests (plus one pilot) on intimate adventures far beyond the shores.

Like most magic, there’s a great deal of engineering and preparation that goes into each submersible dive. After more than 800 dives, Crystal Esprit’s team has the process down to a science, and we’re sharing a peek at the intricacies “behind the glass dome” of this incredible experience.

Crystal Esprit’s submersible specs:

  • Size: Length 13.9 feet, Width 10.5 feet
  • Weight: 13,250 pounds
  • Speed: 3 Knots
  • Depth: 984.2 feet
  • Technology: Sonar, USBL (Under Surface Bearing Line positioning system), UWT (underwater communications tools)

Where in the world?

Crystal Esprit guests can embark on submersible dives in select areas in the Adriatic, including Korçula and Opatija, as well as in the West Indies in Saba, St. Kitts and Nevis. The yacht’s upcoming 2020 Seychelles voyages will offer wonderful opportunities for submersible explorations, with glass-clear waters and world-class diving reefs and deep-sea wonders.

Step by step

Each dive has three main phases: pre-dive, dives and post-dive – all primarily conducted by the First Officer Deck position, who is also responsible for maintenance of the sub.

During the pre-dive phase, all systems aboard the sub are tested for functionality, which generally takes about an hour. The sub is also calibrated for the weights of the divers so sub is always kept positively buoyant in the water. The sub is then put in the water and the guests go through a safety briefing and instruction. They then proceed to the sub via Zodiac and once on board, are shown the safety equipment by the pilot.

Now, you’re ready to dive. One-hour exploration beneath the Caribbean, Adriatic and Indian Ocean guided by your expert pilot, featuring infinite possibilities. Vibrantly colored fish and sea life, dynamic terrain, sea caves, ship wrecks and breathtaking scenery unfolds before you on the other side of the glass dome. No special gear needed – so tanks, flippers, masks or even particular clothing. Just you and your inquisitive spirit for what lies beneath the surface…