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As the gateway to Scandinavia, enchanting Stockholm hosts some of the largest ships in the world, making it a convenient place to begin or end your cruise. 

Our vacation was a blast! It was nice to get away during the week of a major snow storm in the east coast. Here are some of our photos from the trip!

Elizabeth stays with her family and reviews the Jade hotel at Club Med Yucatan!

Club Med Yucatan is amazing--this was our second year and this time we stayed in the Jade hotel which was great.

Some Quick notes form Ignacio on his brief stay in the Galapagos Islands

Although the 'official' capital of the Galapagos Island province is Puerto Baquerizo, the commercial and transportation hub for the Galapagos islands is Santa Cruz, and its largest town, Puerto Ayora.

Ignacio does a quick review staying at the base of Chimborazo, Ecudor's Tallest Mountain! 

Of all the mountains in Ecuador, Chimborazo stands apart. This massive peak, a dormant volcano, is Ecuador's tallest mountain, 20,500 ft. over sea level. 

Introducing Free Wi-Fi for Crystal Society members!

Crystal Cruises announces the newest perk to its All Inclusive luxury cruise experience: Free Wi-Fi for Crystal Society members, the line’s “club” of repeat guests, beginning Fall 2014. 

A review of the Cotopaxi region and Hacienda San Agustin de Callo

Ecuador has over 50 volcanoes, six of them considered active. One of the most beautiful is Cotopaxi, which is nearly 20,000 ft high. Cotopaxi National Park has been greatly improved in recent years, and is one of Ecuador's top destinations. 

Ken takes his family to Riviera  Maya and accounts his time at one of their most popular resorts.

Here is a little background on us. We have traveled to Mexico too many times to count. The majority of our travels to Mexico have been to the Riviera Maya. We are easy going types, but we require a clean resort and a comfortable, clean room.

Ignacio lets us in on a few of the best Hotels in Quito! 

During my visit to Quito, I had the privilege of staying at Casa Gangotena. This small luxury hotel in the heart of Ecuador's capital, has won many awards and accolades since it opened in October 2012.

Executive Vice President Ignacio Maza gives All-Travel an exclusive look into his recent trip to Quito, Ecuador!

For many years, Quito was just a place to overnight on the way to or from The Galapagos.This is a shame, as Ecuador's capital has a great deal to offer sophisticated travelers.

All-Travelers Kay and Tom Stoever at the Garibaldi Glacier in Chile!

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