Joshua Valmonte

Travel Advisor

Meet Joshua

Having received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Travel Industry Management at the University of Hawaii, I am eager to be working in my field of passion. I’ve made it my mission to give back to the industry, its destinations, but most importantly back to you!

It’s almost as if I was tailor-made to be in the travel industry. Travel has been a part of my life way before I could even remember. When I was 3 I took my first trip to Mexico with my parents. Since then, I’ve had the unique opportunity to visit and explore many parts of the world including Canada, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Hawaii, and my personal favorite, the Philippines.

It wasn’t until a second trip to the Philippines with my dad, that I found my true calling. This was a life-changing experience. The trip was also a main reason for wanting a career in travel.

I’ve had a variety of professional experiences within the tourism sector. Early in my career, I worked with a couple of renowned hotels administering world-class hospitality. Also, I had the great pleasure of working onboard a cruise-ship. So for my first-time passengers, I can provide a unique insight to your future voyages!

I’m a huge advocate of adventure travel, cultural immersion, and eco-tourism. These issues are why becoming a travel advisor is so important to me. But in the end, I really want to strive to represent a destination to the best of my knowledge.

Scotland is next on my bucket list. Once there I hope to retrace my roots with my mom!  

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