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It seems I was destined to be a travel agent long before I became one. When the youngest of my four daughters was almost five I began planning summer "road trips" for our family. We started small, just a week on the road, and gradually took longer and longer trips, up to a month on two occasions. In all, we visited 39 of the 50 states. I would spend the winter with maps and various reference and travel books (this was long before the internet!) planning the best routes, finding stops that would interest both children and adults, finding good hotels, etc. Now, for the past 21 years I've worked as a travel agent, and the trips I plan go well beyond our borders. I've always enjoyed puzzles, and working with clients on their vacations is very much like putting a puzzle together. Finding the right cruise ship or tour company, finding the right itinerary, finding the right hotel; all the pieces have to fit. Since the "road trip" days I've expanded quite a bit, and handle all aspects of travel, on land or sea, escorted or independent. My own travels, in addition to filling in the rest of the 50 states, have taken me to Canada, the UK, much of Western Europe, Israel, China, Hong Kong and Kenya. My favorite trips so far were Kenya and China, but you never know - the best trip may still lie ahead, for me and for you!

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Diane Has Been the Perfect Agent!

Diane Polss (Retired) Diane Polss (Retired)

We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our last cruise on Crystal thanks to all the efforts by Diane Polss.  We have worked with Diane for many years and each time she has been the perfect agent.  We now feel we are great friends with, as well as great fans of, Diane.  She really is a special lady. We intend to have many more adventures planned by our friend Diane and All-Travel. Thanks Diane!


Skip and Nancy

We couldn’t have done it without you

Diane Polss (Retired) Diane Polss (Retired)

Our first trip to Europe was a wonderful adventure because of all the expert guidance we got from Diane. We repeatedly said to each other during our travels how glad we were that Diane suggested this or that to make our trip go smoother and include what we wanted to do. My brother-in-law has used Diane to travel around the world and said he truly valued her professionalism and expertise. My husband had a thousand questions and concerns and Diane met all of them with patience and direction.  We could not have done it all without her.

We Use All-Travel Because of Diane!

Diane Polss (Retired) Diane Polss (Retired)

We use All-Travel because of Diane Polss.  We know that with Diane we are in good hands--professional, always understanding and over the last ten years,  delivering the best results.  She works so hard to produce extraordinary travel experiences for us. She provides an informed an extensive array of hotels and ratings for us to make decisions. 

Whenever I have a travel idea, she diligently works the details to bring the best result.  We don't always travel on these alternatives but she is always there to help us discern what's best value and travel experience.  Along with her many talents, the thing that sets her apart form many people in your business is that she is absolutely unflappable.  Many times after she hears my uninformed rants she will gently guide me back to the obvious.    
I hope you value Diane, as we do.  I  am  CEO , and ownership partner, of a mid sized business, and I appreciate it when people take the time to tell me about the people that make the enterprise viable and successful.   

We are now doing two cruises a year on Crystal, along with ancillary travel.  Diane is our go-to person and we just wanted to let you know what a valuable person she is to us, and how much we appreciate the help she provides, from a customer's perspective.

You sent me a note thanking me for doing business with All-Travel and I am taking this opportunity to thank you Diane Polss.  Thank You!


Real Life Story: Client Testimonial

Diane Polss (Retired) Diane Polss (Retired)


 I just wanted to express my appreciation for the attention to detail, promptness in reply and all-around fine service that you have provided.  As you can probably guess, our family engages in extensive travel.  Please know that you will be our first choice as an agent at all times.