Chris Brown

Sr. Web Developer / Marketing

Chris Brown

Sr. Web Developer / Marketing

Meet Chris

I've spent most of my life in the Southeast, growing up in South Carolina. My career began in the technical industry, focusing on Network and Systems Administration. This path led me to many job opportunities during the .com boom and allowed me to travel the US. Advancing in my profession, I was soon managing 15 employees over three states and 1200 servers. I've lived in Columbia, Dallas, Seattle, Charlotte, and finally settled down in Salt Lake City, UT.

Being a creative person, I decided to make the career change to Web and Graphic Design. Honing my skills in HTML, CSS, Adobe Creative Suite, and much, much more.. I finally found my true calling. Bringing ideas to life excites me and led me to start my own design company. After several years of being a business owner, I decided that I needed to be part of a team again. All-travel, with its impressive history and amazing staff, was an opportunity that I couldn't resist.

I look forward to embracing and implementing the latest technology to allow All-travel to be successful and provide customers with unprecedented service.

Destination Specialties

South America
Swaziland (eSwatini)
South Carolina
Interest Specialties

Active & Adventure Travel All-Inclusive Resorts Beach/Sun Couples only Cruise Groups Cruises (Ocean) Food & Wine Group Travel Safari
Product Expertise

African Travel, Inc.

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