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Paul and I have just returned from our trip. The Eurodam was a nice, new ship. The stateroom was nice, however, we heard rattling sounds at times. I tried to discover what was making the noise since it woke me up on a few times. We had newlyweds a few doors down from us. Things seem to settle down after the second night.

We went snorkeling on Grand Turks and had a good time. We did not spend much time at the center, just walked around and took pictures. Water was so pretty.

We walked around San Juan. It was Three Kings Day, "our Christmas" so shops were closed. Easier for me not to spend money We walked to the fort, after such a long walk Paul and I took a cab back to port. After we walked around San Juan we went up to the pool in the center of the ship, it was the only time we could find a chaise open. We had tons of kids on board, all ages from infants to college age. They had cabanas on one side of the pool area. It cut down on space for the chaises We were disappointed because we really enjoy sitting by the adult pool and reading then jumping into the pool to cool off. They only have two pools open to the public. There was a small hydro pool attached to the spa that you could use for a fee.

We went to Emerald Beach on St. Thomas. It was only about 10 minutes away. You pay $10.00 for a chaise. It is worth it. You can sit in the sun or shade and enjoy a private beach. It is about a $10.00 cab ride vs a $20.00 to Megan's Bay. that is one way FYI. We enjoyed it very much.

We were told by another passenger that there were few shady spots on the private island. So we rented a clam shell. That was a good idea. We stayed on the main area and did not really explore the island. They have a boat that holds about 200 people so you can move more people to and from the ship with ease.

All in all we enjoyed our cruise. The food was so much better than the last ship. Our cabin stewards were very good. People on HAL are very service oriented. We attended the Captain's Luncheon and they gave us hand painted tiles as a keepsake. Again, what a difference from the food from our last cruise. We sent laundry out since they have no laundry on board.

I think that about covers it. I hope that this information is helpful to you. Also, we used the Signature Service to ship our two large suitcases. What a great idea that was. Not only do you not have to deal with all that stuff, but they give you a boarding pass so you turn it in at the gate for a new one. We claim luggage in HAL terminal and give it to a representative and then pick it up at your home airport. TSA did inspect our pieces, I do not know if this is normal or not. This is a real treat not to have to worry about any additional pieces of luggage, just our carry on pieces.

Thank you for arranging such a great vacation. We really hated to come home. Now we are back to reality, YUCK! Take care,

Judy & Paul